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Pittsburgh New Church School
299 Le Roi Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Phone: (412) 731 - 0122

We're located in Point Breeze, near Frick Park. Here's a map!

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Pittsburgh New Church School

Feeding the mind.  Touching the heart.  Preparing for life.


At the Pittsburgh New Church School, we work to build great academic performance in our students. It's important for their futures, and it goes hand in hand with the moral and spiritual fiber that's more internal.

By conventional academic measures, we have an outstanding school. This year our students' scores on the annual Iowa Tests of Basic Skills place us in the top 3% of schools nationwide. For at least the past decade, our students have been in the top 10%.

Our graduates have consistently done very well in area high schools, and then in college. Recent graduates have gone on to Stanford, Brown University, The University of Pennsylvania, CMU, Bryn Athyn College, Carlow University, Dickinson, Grove City College, James Madison University, Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh and other top colleges.

Class sizes are intentionally small, and each student is given focused attention from teachers. Students in the upper grades each have a laptop computer, and iPads abound, so children develop crucial modern skills in a safe environment. They also think, and write, and explore, and play, and focus, and help, and DO things and make nature journals and get their hands dirty.

I went to public schools, and enjoyed it well enough. But all four of our kids have gone to PNCS now, and we are very grateful for being able to send them there. I didn't realize how much better an education could be. Not to say that PNCS is perfect-it isn't, but the people involved are trying hard to make it a great place to grow up. And succeeding.

- Steve D., PNCS Dad

We have strong working relationships with the international network of New Church schools, and the General Church Office of Education, whose offices are in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

We also have available to us all the resources of the Pittsburgh and Mt. Oliver Intermediate Unit, calling on their specialists (e.g. reading or speech specialists) at need, and draw on extensive teaching resources and a large library of books and films.

The strength of the school shows in many ways. PNCS seems to give students the foundation they need to be good people, to be useful to society, and to have happy lives. Some of this happens at school; some of it happens long after, as students draw on what they learned at PNCS.