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Pittsburgh New Church School
299 Le Roi Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Phone: (412) 731 - 0122

We're located in Point Breeze, near Frick Park. Here's a map!

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Pittsburgh New Church School

Feeding the mind.  Touching the heart.  Preparing for life.


"These kids are nice to each other," my son exclaimed after he spent a day visiting Pittsburgh New Church School. "We didn't sit around waiting for things to happen. Plus there's more than one recess." He was ready to switch schools at once.

I was drawn to the school's atmosphere - the happy students, calm environment, and creative assignments decorating the bulletin boards. I was also impressed by what I learned about their curriculum, particularly the carefully crafted lessons that built students' skills in composition and mathematics.

My son enrolled for middle school. For him, PNCS was a place he felt welcome, safe, and engaged by the learning process - all things that can't be measured by standardized tests but are really important if a child is going to learn."

- Paola S.

Admissions - Background

How do admissions work at PNCS? Our admissions process runs year-round. It's a good idea to start the application process fairly early - in late winter or early spring - for the coming school year. We also consider transfer admissions during the school year if we have places available.

Like you, we're interested in a "right-fit" between home and school. You want a good school for your kids, and we want good kids for our school. It's a fun process, really, since we get to make new friends.

When you get in touch, we'll arrange for you to come for a school visit, and to meet with one or more of our teachers. You'll have a chance to find out more about what we offer at PNCS. You might just come away saying, "Yes! That resonates with us - this is the best for our kids to be."

PNCS is a great little school. We think you'll like it.

Why not get in touch with us today?