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Pittsburgh New Church School
299 Le Roi Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Phone: (412) 731 - 0122

We're located in Point Breeze, near Frick Park. Here's a map!

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Pittsburgh New Church School

Feeding the mind.  Touching the heart.  Preparing for life.

How does PNCS compare with Cyber-School?

Parents who are considering PNCS are sometimes also considering cyber schooling. Sometimes they ask our advice. Here are some things that we've observed.

Overall, there's a big difference between PNCS and cyber school. At PNCS:

  • Teachers can work closely with each child, offering support, challenging, engaging, and interacting face to face.
  • Students learn to work and play together. They build lasting friendships.
  • The curriculum is enriched with arts, music, hands-on experiences, physical education, and gardening.
  • Students collaborate: sharing books with each other, comparing methods of solving a math problem, giving each other feedback on written work, acting out stories or historical events, etc.
There are some areas where there may be similarities, too:
  • Both models can allow students learn at their own level of ability.
  • In both types, students will develop a degree of independence.
  • At PNCS, students don't get overlooked or overwhelmed. A good cyber-school will also provide that safety net.
There may be some circumstances where cyber-school is a good alternative, particularly in high school. Mostly, though, we think that it's preferable to have the personal interactions with fellow students and teachers, and the experiences of teamwork, in-person collaboration, and group activities.