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Pittsburgh New Church School
299 Le Roi Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Phone: (412) 731 - 0122

We're located in Point Breeze, near Frick Park. Here's a map!

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Pittsburgh New Church School

Feeding the mind.  Touching the heart.  Preparing for life.

School and the Home: Working Together

Education begins at home. At PNCS, we try to work in cooperation with homes and families, building on what has already been established in the home. There's a tendency in the education world to try to second-guess or usurp parents. We don't want to do that.

That said, we've worked hard to develop and tune what we do, and it works. So, since it's important for the school and the home to have the same goals, that makes the whole admissions/right-fit process very important.

The purpose of New Church schools in supporting the home, therefore, seeks to:

  • Establish in the mind of the child a true idea of God.
  • Protect the sphere of innocence.
  • Cultivate in children an affection for both natural and spiritual truth.
  • Equip the child for a life of useful participation in society.